Each token is 20 pitches!
1-4 tokens:                                        $2.00 each
5-10 tokens:                                      $1.75 each
11+ tokens:                                       $1.60 each
Military Price (any quantity)              $1.50 each
Cage 1. Softball Slow                                 25 MPH
Cage 2. Softball Slow                                 25 MPH
Cage 3. Softball Medium                            35 MPH
Cage 4. Baseball Slow                               45 MPH
Cage 5. Baseball Slow                               45 MPH
Cage 6. Baseball Medium                          65 MPH
Cage 7. Baseball Fast                                75 MPH
Cage 8. Baseball Very Fast                        80 MPH
Cage 9. Softball Slow                                 25 MPH

**Cages are weather permitting - call during operating hours to check status
Rules for Batting Cages:
1. Helmets must be worn by batters under 16 years old while inside cages.
2. One batter per cage at a time. No coaching allowed from inside cages.
3. Do not switch hit.
4. Closed toe shoes must be worn inside cages. Open toed shoes and bare feet are not allowed.
5. Do not stand on home plate.
6. Do not use cages under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
7. Report any faulty machines to the attendant.
8. Stay alert at all times while in cages and watch for rolling balls under feet.
9. No one under the age of 6 is permitted to use batting cages.
10. No one under the age of 16 is permitted to use the very fast batting cages.
11. Batters under the age of 10 must be supervised by an adult.
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